An Evening in Central Square

These six photos tell the story of Cambridge’s Central Square through its scenery and through the people who keep the social and artistic hub humming.

This sign welcomes visitors to Cambridge’s Central Square. The area features local restaurants, music venues, bookstores and more, serving as both a meeting ground for members of the community and a prime tourist destination.

The sun begins to set behind the trees of the Carl F. Barron Plaza, located at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Pleasant Street in Cambridge. Many people gather here to catch the MBTA bus or subway, both accessible at this street corner.

Sales Associate Tom Quitadamo helps a customer find the classical literature section of Rodney’s Bookstore. In his free time, Quitadamo writes, plays guitar and sings. “There are a lot of good creative centers,” Quitadamo said. “Good little clubs will have live music all the time. That’s my favorite part about Cambridge, and I live and work in the middle of it, so it’s a good setup.”

ASPCA Representative Jay Lancaster (left) discusses animal rights issues with Jason (right) and Ashley Margaca in front of Richard B. “Rico” Modica Way. Lancaster has roamed the streets of Cambridge for ASPCA for four years. He draws the attention of passersby with the question, “Cats or dogs?” before ultimately asking for donations.

Kevin Block-Schwenk (right) and Debbie Block-Shwenk eat dinner on the steps of Cambridge City Hall before seeing the one-person show, “Truth Values: One Girl’s Romp through M.I.T.’s Male Math Maze,” that night at the Central Square Theater. They two have lived in Allston-Brighton since 1994, but they spend a lot of time in Cambridge. “We love the vibrant arts scene,” Kevin said. “We make a point to come out [to Central Square] once or twice a week.”

As the sun sets and many businesses in Central Square close, Clover remains open. Clover was founded in 2008 and now provides the Greater Boston Area with locally sourced, environmentally conscious vegetarian food 24 hours every day from 12 locations. “As a vegetarian and an environmental science major, I was drawn to [Clover’s] commitment to serving vegetarian food in an eco-conscious manner,” employee Connor Farnham said.