My Work in Photojournalism

While I’ve spent the vast majority of my time with FHN Student Media writing my 125+ stories or announcing for and producing dozens of live broadcasts, I have also made time to dabble in photography and photojournalism. The below are what I believe to be two of my favorite photos, both cropped and edited to be more appealing of course. Through my work in photojournalism, I’ve learned well past my rudimentary knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Now, I am confident in my ability to adjust the levels of a photograph and to find a good balance between brightness, contrast, exposure, etc.

Junior Finnish exchange student Tuomas Hyypia pushes the puck through FZE's Jarrod Ouzts (left) and Cody Freant (right)

Junior Finnish exchange student Tuomas Hyypia pushes the puck through FZE’s Jarrod Ouzts (left) and Cody Freant (right) en route to an assist in 14-6 losing effort


The Flyers’ George Buckingham (center) swipes the ball from FHN junior Drew Killmer (left) with junior Evan Gallagher (right) in tow late in the second quarter of the Knights’ 66-54 loss to Lindbergh

Mobile Photography and Social Media

I have also worked to include photography in social media. This tweet was sent from FHN Media’s @FHNtoday account by myself, including three pictures that I shot on my phone after the match. The images work with the text in the tweet to draw more attention to the information. As people scroll through their Twitter feed, an image will register a much greater reaction than a block of text, which is what I tried to play to in this tweet. This, coupled with the important information contained, earned this tweet a lot of attention in the form of 39 retweets, 130 likes and 11,072 impressions (views) with 1,953 total engagements by Nov. 29, as recorded by Twitter Analytics. This is well outside of the norm for our publicity on tweets- we earned 9,257 total impressions on all tweets between Nov. 23 and Nov. 29- and this example of major publicity for FHN Media can be attributed on the most part to three simple pictures that I took on my cell phone, showing that even mobile photojournalism can be effective.


Below are thumbnail images of the three photos included in the above tweet: