News Literacy

Knowing Where to Get and How to Use Reliable Information

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This story portrays the quarterback battle at the beginning of the season for the Francis Howell North Knights football team in 2016. It also works to recap the team’s first game against Northwest High School and to preview their next game against Fort Zumwalt East. The lede is written in a narrative style, and all events described were witnessed firsthand. The interviews- including both quarterbacks and the head coach- were conducted over the course of two practices the week following the team’s first game. I also used information about the team that I have gathered over the past three seasons reporting on and announcing their games, including the mentioned game against Northwest.


This story is not perfect, though. Evidence of bias can be found in my embellishment of the quarterback controversy and in my pro-FHN slant in the descriptions of the football game. This stems from my being a student at FHN and a fan of a good story. While this may aggravate fans of the Northwest Lions, it does not detract from the message or the overall quality of the piece.

Preparing for Live Broadcasts

The following audio broadcasts are examples of the work done by FHNtodayLive. I both announced for and produced the live broadcasts of these events- the second of which I broadcasted alone- which were FHN’s boys soccer team’s two matches in the Final Four of the State Tournament. These, being audio-only broadcasts, required an immense amount of preparation and prior knowledge of the sport and the teams.

The Semifinal match was between the FHN Knights and the CBC Cadets, and to prepare, I researched our team’s 2-1 loss to CBC earlier in the season. This was supplemented by the knowledge I gained from attending the team’s previous three matches in the postseason. I also used and to back my prior knowledge with statistics. Once at Worldwide Technology Park, the venue for both matches, I spoke with the stadium’s PA announcer to find starting lineups and full rosters before beginning my work commentating both matches.

The Third Place match featured FHN and the Rock Bridge Bruins. The teams had not played in the regular season, but I poured over schedules and statistics and found many striking similarities like very similar winning percentages, scoring outputs and team construction. Again, and were used to back prior knowledge and research as both are extremely credible and wide-reaching sources.