News Gathering

 Traveling to Find Sources

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My story, shown in print the left, is the lead piece in the Activity section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s annual Old Newsboys Edition in November, 2016. The story details the work of the organization Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN) and their work in giving children with physical and mental disabilities an opportunity to learn and grow through athletic and musical activities. To research this piece, I perused the KEEN St. Louis website for background information. I then organized an interview with their CEO, Julie Scott Soffner, and attended a KEEN Sings event at SLU High School. There, I interviewed volunteer and Program Manager Kristen Kremer and Chad Bunch, a father of twins Aaron and Aidan who, while they are on the autism spectrum, participate in music and P.E. classes both in their school and through KEEN. This was one of my favorite stories to write, as I got to experience music therapy in action at KEEN Sings, and I got to meet a few children who are truly benefitted from the services I was documenting.

Interviewing the Best Sources

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This story details the 1991 State-Champion FHN wrestling team’s season through the eyes of an outsider but through the words of head coach Harold Ritchie, of 125-pound state champion Steve Pisciotta and of three-time state champion Jason Sexton. To connect with these three key contributors, I met them at their induction ceremony, demonstrating my drive to attend all of the big events at FHN. I also included a multimedia Thinglink in the story that shows each of the members of the varsity wrestling team with their weight class and placing in the all-state tournament.


Displaying Information in an Infographic

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This is one of dozens of infographics that I have made in my years on FHN Student Media. As with most, this specific piece serves as a stand-alone preview to FHN’s 2016 Homecoming football game in which the Knights squared off against the Trojans of Troy Buchanan High School. It required research in the form of scouring through the past two years of FHN football records, specifically the previous Homecoming games and the records of the current season. I also used a mix of statistics that I obtained firsthand at the game and stats taken from to fill out the graphic. Use the interactive controls to switch between information given as you scroll further down the page.

Writing, Photo and Video in One Package

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This piece discusses the hiring of Brett Bevill as the new head coach of the FHN football team. I attended Bevill’s first meeting with his team as the Knights’ head coach spoke of his vision for their future. Not only did I take notes of Bevill’s speech, but I fact checked them with an interview of Athletic Director Mike Janes, and I spoke to Bevill and assistant coach Charles Lott after the speech. I also informally obtained information in speaking to some of the players about their feelings about the upcoming season, with all but one expressing excitement over the new hire. In the story, I included a photo and a video, both of which I shot while at the event. Again, this shows how important it is to me to cover all of the breaking sports news at my school.


FHNtodayLive Broadcasts

The below is a playlist of all of FHNtodayLive’s broadcasts in the 2016-17 school year embedded from YouTube. Each broadcast requires preparation as described in the News Literacy tab above, and all of these broadcasts were published on to live in an archive and provide entertainment for long after the event originally aired. Feel free to scroll through the playlist to see some examples of our broadcasts and of our extensive preparation before each game.