Multimedia Broadcast

Highlight Reel

This is my personal highlight reel of some of my best moments in announcing over the past three years. I curated the following video from dozens of live broadcasts, which can be found or at the FHNtoday channel on YouTube. All of the videos (minus the awkward comedy of our sports podcast that is also included below) come from FHNtodayLive broadcasts, and I edited them together over the course of a few days after downloading the full videos from YouTube and other live streaming platforms such as High School Cube. The way that I feel, this reel is the perfect culmination of my years in FHN Student Media because it shows my skills in videography and in broadcasting.

Missouri State Quarterfinals Penalty Kicks Highlights

This video was one of my most popular, and it was also the easiest to make, only requiring cutting clips from our live broadcast of the match. I provided the commentary in real time on the broadcast, and, as far as the video is concerned, I added a dynamic scoreboard to the top of the video to provide a reference point for content. Hard cuts were used to trim the video from 11 to four minutes and to simulate the anxious tension present at the stadium as the kicks were being taken.

FHNtodayLive Broadcasts

The following is a playlist of of live broadcasts from FHNtodayLive. This playlist also appears in the News Gathering tab above, but these broadcasts are used to exemplify my knowledge in video production and and live broadcasting, which are important skills in today’s increasingly digital field of media. I do commentate on the majority of these broadcasts, but I play an important role in the setup and production of just as many, contributing to the creating of graphics, the troubleshooting of problems (generally audio and internet connection issues) and the managing of analytics, among other important tasks.

FHN Winter and Spring Sports Podcast

I anchored this video with another member of FHN Media, and we, with the assistance of our Editor-in-Chief, edited the video into a fairly succinct stand-up video full of awkward humor and an even more unflattering thumbnail. (Needless to say, I didn’t get a vote on the thumbnail image.)