Leadership and Team Building

My Responsibilities as an Editor

As an editor on two separate staffs (FHNgameday.com and FHNtodayLive) in FHN Student Media, I work with many students in problem solving and troubleshooting. In the average day, I will have to answer a question about the goals and future of FHNgameday.com in our dedicated editors class, then I’ll move to our online and social media hour to copy edit a story or two and teach Gameday Style (more about that in Editing) to the newcomers to our web team. I get a short break with three AP classes, then I will discuss stand-ups and voice overs with the staff.  In all of this, I find time to organize a couple live broadcasts per week and write stories and shoot and edit videos according to our content cycle.

My work is not contained to the classroom, though. I have attended FHN’s j-camp over the summer for the past three years. At this camp, almost all of the year’s staffers meet for a few days in July to discuss the vision for the program in the upcoming year and, more importantly, to grow closer as a staff before we’re all working together in close quarters for the entire school year. In addition to j-camp, I’ve been learning at the local MediaNow summer journalism camp for the same three years, choosing a class in a different discipline of journalism each year. It is through MediaNow that I’ve not only learned close to my entire knowledge of videography and photography, but that I’ve met some of my closest friends and coworkers in the FHN Student Media staff.

Continuing in the theme of growing as an individual and as a staff, I visited Denver, CO with FHN Student Media in the spring of 2015 for the JEA/NSPA National Convention, and I will be attending this year’s convention in Seattle, WA in April. In my trip to the Denver convention, I got the great experience of working with professionals and my peers to better myself. I also became close friends with the other 14 students that went on the trip, and, myself being a sophomore, the experience shaped the rest of my high school career, showing my the importance of connecting with others, regardless of titles or roles on staff.

Growing the FHN Student Media Team

On the FHN Student Media staff, I am the editor of FHNgameday.com, our dedicated sports website, and of FHNtodayLive, our student-run live broadcasting program. In these roles, I’ve worked to build FHNgameday.com from an exclusive staff of three to a melting pot of sports content from all student publications factions, creating a much more consistent stream of content for the site. I have also grown FHNtodayLive from a small group of two to a rotating team of 12-15 students who are being taught the skills needed to take over the program for years to come.

This has been through a fairly extensive recruitment effort put forth by myself and others. This includes myself taking days away from my staff to speak to underclassmen and eighth graders in our feeder middle schools and introductory journalism classes as well as giving presentations to teachers and students at FHN’s curriculum night. A few examples of FHN Student Publications’ selling points are below:


View full presentation here

These presentations are the driving force behind our recruitment efforts, though we use our social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as self-promotion platforms. In addition to recruiting, I have helped organize events that promote camaraderie within the publications staff. From outings like all-staff bowling to a night at Kokomo Joe’s to a web team dinner on election night, I, as part of the editorial staff, have been a part of bringing all 100+ students of FHN Student Media together.