Building a Live Broadcasting Team

I have been a part of the FHNtodayLive broadcasting team for the entirety of its four-year existence, primarily announcing but also assisting in production and camerawork. In these four years, I have led this program to advance beyond an entity confined to High School Cube to a live streaming service that reaches hundreds of viewers each broadcast. This can be attributed to our work branding across social media platforms and through word of mouth at Francis Howell North High School.


The live broadcasting program began as a cool idea in the spring semester of 2014. At the time, the team consisted of myself and one other student who graduated that year. Since then, I have remained nearly the only constant on a transient team of high school live broadcasters. I have worked to build our brand as a live streaming service through social media like the tweet above, through posters and flyers (some handmade) publicizing our broadcasts around FHN and through getting involved with other groups and events.

Expanding Our Coverage

For the past three years of FHNtodayLive’s existence, we have broadcasted all of our school’s pep assemblies and many other non-sporting events. Each year, I have organize a live broadcast of FHN’s Art in Motion Festival, which showcases dozens of high school indoor drumlines and winter colorguard ensembles in the Midwest. The 2015 Art in Motion Festival is embedded below, and it garnered more than 3,000 views for FHNtodayLive from across the country, building our brand as a multi-faceted live broadcasting service that can reach audiences in all corners of the U.S.

2015 FHN Art in Motion Festival

 While we have the capabilities to reach all over the world via YouTube broadcasts and FHNtoday.com, FHN Student Media’s audience includes, in descending order of involvement, the students and staff of FHN, their friends and family and anyone interested in our high school. Because of this, we primarily use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to reach this vast group of people. This began in full force in our second year of live broadcasting, and since that time, we have grown from 20-50 viewers to 200+ viewers per broadcast, depending on the event.


In addition to increasing our social media presense, I have helped advertisements around the community by selling the opportunity to advertize in FHN Student Media publications to local businesses and individuals. My advertisements from this past year totaled $1,245 between myself and the two others in my group, providing the opportunity to those from organizations like the local real estate company Eaton Properties to individuals like State Farm Agent Dave Schlansker.

Lastly, I’ve participated in two videos publicizing the entirety of the FHN Student Media team. Both videos below feature myself and other staffers, and I had a hand in anchoring and editing both. These types of videos are made annually by our broadcast video staff, the best of which are publicized through the FHNtoday social media accounts similarly to what is stated above.