Establishing FHNgameday Style

For the past two years, I have been the lead manager of FHNgameday.com. This includes copy editing content for the site and, most importantly, establishing a precedent for the writing style used by FHNgameday staff. With the help of the FHNtoday.com editor, I have established what we call “Gameday Style” into use in FHN Student Media.

Gameday Style is essentially AP Style, but it is more specific to sports. For example, Gameday Style provides for the titling of photo galleries on FHNgameday.com, as expressed below:


I created this slide to appear in our presentation on how to post photo galleries to our sports website. As you can see, there are a few key details, like using slashes instead of dashes in dates, using “vs.” over “v.” and abbreviating the names of opposing schools, which was implemented to reduce the clutter of headlines on FHNgameday’s front page.

Gameday Style now governs all sports content from FHN Student Media, from social media to our print publications. It has taken nearly two years, but I have finally seen my goal of comprehensive and consistent sports coverage across all staffs realized.

Correcting Past Grammatical Errors

The image to the left is the title slide of a Google Slides presentation that I gave to my publications’ website staff to encourage proper AP Style and FHN Media style in both written articles and on social media.

As it is easy to see, the presentation was meant to be humorous; I included what I thought were funny grammatical images, and  I used the names of specific staffers in some of the examples to make them easier to remember and thus more impactful. This humor was meant to appeal to the lighter side of the English language and to our staffers’ need for laughter in the midst of the serious issue of consistent and easily avoidable grammatical errors. For instance, the title, “How to Grammar Real Good,” sounds silly to include, but I have not seen another mistake in confusing “good” and “well” since giving the presentation.