Designing a Website

I have been the Managing Editor of for the past two years. In that time, I have worked to make the site look its best while operating under the Gameday theme from WordPress. This includes organizing the categories on the home page of the website and deciding how to use the sidebar on posts. A screenshot of the FHNgameday homepage is below:


The homepage is dynamic with the rotator and updated scoreboard at the top of the screen and the categories at the bottom rotating content through as it is posted. The categories cycle through with each sports season; the site is currently outfitted with winter sports on the homepage.

In designing the homepage, there is the option to make each category a featured image category (like Jake’s Take or Boys Basketball in the image to the left) or to make it a list (like Ice Hockey or Girls Basketball). I have also included direct links to and to FHNtodayLive at the bottom of the page to promote content between the platforms. Taking all of this into account, I have created a visually appealing home page that displays all of the necessary information and links in an interactive manner.

As for the menu and scoreboard at the top of the screen, I have organized both to ensure that they are easily navigable and and easy to read. After each game on the, I update the scoreboard to reflect the final score. Similarly, I have updated the top menu to include the FHNgameday logo and to include links to current and accurate sports schedules and other information from the current season.

Designing Information in Alternative Storytelling

I created this first infographic to review Kendrick Lamar’s album, DAMN., which was released on April 14, 2017. This graphic, while it does include a good deal of text, is much more conducive to the needs of our audience, especially on its own full-width page.

View full infographic here



This infographic was used to preview FHN’s boys basketball team’s first game of the Class 5 District 3 tournament in 2017. I created this graphic entirely from scratch, using a blank template on Piktochart to accomplish this.

View full infographic here

Note: All colors used in this and the following infographic are specific schools’ colors and were chosen to represent their respective sports programs.


This graphic recaps the boys volleyball match between the FHN Knights and the visiting FZW Jaguars. I created this to help vary our coverage of our sports teams as well as to provide information in a less intimidating manner than a 600-word recap.

View full infographic here