Christmas with the Lintner Family (Photo Gallery)

On Christmas Day, Jerry and Delilah Lintner celebrated the holiday with their seven children, bringing together the whole family for the first time all year.

Desmond Lintner, 4, plays “Santa” on Christmas Day, finding (and often opening) gifts for his parents and his six siblings.

Jauslyn Johnson, 17, smiles after receiving the first of two sherpa jackets as gifts.

Delilah Lintner, mother to seven, unwraps a pair of slippers to replace her three-year-old house shoes.

Brothers Jameson, left, and Desmond Lintner open gifts marked “from Santa” in front of the Christmas tree decorated with their handmade ornaments.

Jerry Lintner, 48, shows off his favorite gift: two tickets to see his Oakland Raiders take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 17 of the NFL season.

Siblings Treavis, left, and Dasmine Johnson gawk over “The Last Lecture,” a book gifted to Treavis.